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The Episcopoal Lineage of Pope Nicholas V

Tommaso Parentucelli, Pope Nicholas V. Ordained bishop 17 March 1447 at Rome, in Saint Peter’s Basilica, probably by Francesco Cardinal Condulmer, Bishop of Porto e Santa Rufina, Sub-dean of the Sacred College of Cardinals, assisted by …, Bishop of …, and …, Bishop of ….

The Dean of the Sacred College of Cardinals, Juan Cardinal Cervantes, Bishop of Ostia e Velletri, did not attend the conclave which elected Cardinal Parentucelli as Pope Nicholas V. The Sub-dean, Francesco Cardinal Condulmer, did participate in the conclave and in the absence of the Dean, Cardinal Condulmer should have been the ordaining bishop of the new pope. At the present time, we lack documentary proof and thus we can only state that he was the probable ordaining bishop.

In addition, we do not yet have the details of Cardinal Condulmer’s episcopal ordination.