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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Missing Papal Episcopal Lineages

As of 28 August 2014, the episcopal lineages of all popes from Pope Eugene IV to Pope Francis have been posted on this site, with the exception of the following five, for whom we lack the details of their episcopal ordinations:

Pope Paul II (1464), Pietro Barbo, elected Bishop of Vicenza 16 June 1451

Pope Innocent VIII (1484), Giovanni Battista Cibo, elected Bishop of Savona 5 November 1466 and ordained bishop 28 January 1467

Pope Alexander VI (1492), Rodrigo de Borja y Borja, elected Bishop of Albano 30 August 1471, ordained priest 30 October 1471, and ordained bishop shortly thereafter.

Pope Gregory XIII (1572), Ugo Boncompagni, elected Bishop of Vieste 20 July 1558.

Pope Innocent IX (1591), Giovanni Antonio Facchinetti, elected Bishop of Nicastro 26 January 1560.