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Sunday, January 29, 2017

The episcopal ordination of Ciriaco Cardinal Rocci

My friend and colleague Angelo M. Tavazza has found the details of the episcopal ordination of another seventeenth century prelate:  Ciriaco Cardinal Rocci, cardinal and one time Apostolic Nuncio to Switzerland and to the Holy Roman Emperor.

Ciriaco Rocci, a Roman by birth, received episcopal ordination on 2 July 1628 in Ferrara, in the Church of the Gesù, by Giulio Cesare Cardinal Sacchetti, Bishop of Fano.  This information and other biographical details of Cardinal Rocci can be found in Mr. Tavazza’s latest article, Some notes on the life of Cardinal Ciriaco Rocci published on Academia.edu.              https://www.academia.edu/31107996

With the knowledge of his consecrator, we now know that Cardinal Rocci and his line of twenty nine bishops belong to the extinct line of Tolomeo Cardinal Gallio which now increases from 122 bishops to 152 bishops.

I am impressed by the research skills and scholarship which Mr. Tavazza has brought to this article and his previous article on Bishop Francesco Ravizza and I look forward to his future contributions in this area of study.