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Saturday, May 13, 2017

The completion of the details of another papal episcopal ordination

Thanks to my friend and colleague Angelo Tavazza, the details of the episcopal ordination of Camillo Cardinal Borghese, Bishop of Jesi and the future Pope Paul V, have been completed.  The names of his co-consecrators have been in doubt for some time, with some accounts including the names of two cardinals who had not themselves received episcopal ordination as co-consecrators. 

The complete details of the episcopal ordination are contained in an avviso from Rome dated 29 May 1597.  This aviso is found in a manuscript located in the Vatican Apostolic Library:  Urb.lat.1065.pt.1, c.314r.  

The details of the episcopal ordination are located in the page devoted to the episcopal lineage of Popes Clement X and Paul V: