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Saturday, April 22, 2023

                                          One less bishop in the de Bovet line

The de Bovet line has lost one living member with the death of Bishop James Chan Soon Cheong, Bishop emeritus of Melaka-Johor, on 22 April 2023. May he rest in peace.

Here are the seven living members of this line:

Archbishop emeritus Murphy Nicholas Xavier Pakiam of Kuala Lumpur
Bishop Sebastian Francis of Penang
Bishop emeritus Antony Selvanayagam of Penang
Bishop John Baptist Tseng Chien-tsi. former Auxiliary Bishop of Hwalien (titular of Sululos)
Bishop Petrus Boddeng Timang of Banjarmasin
Bishop Paul He Zeqing of Wanxian*
Bishop Peter Luo Xuegang of Yibin*

*These two bishops, although recognized by the Holy See, are not yet listed in the Annuario Pontificio.