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Monday, November 16, 2020


The de Bovet line grows smaller

Cardinal Anthony Soter Fernandez, Archbishop emeritus of Kuala Lumpur, died on 28 October 2020 at Cheras Malaysia. May he rest in peace.

 His death reduces the number of living members of the de Bovet line to 8. Here is the updated list.

*Archbishop emeritus Murphy Nicholas Xavier Pakiam of Kuala Lumpur

*Bishop Sebastian Francis of Penang

*Bishop Petrus Boddeng Timang of Banjarmasin

*Bishop Paul He Zeqing of Wanxian

*Bishop Peter Luo Xuegang of Yibin

*Bishop emeritus James Chan Soon Cheong of Melaka-Johor

*Bishop emeritus Antony Selvanayagam of Penang

*Retired Auxiliary Bishop John Baptist Tseng Chien-tsi of Hwalien, Titular of Sululos