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Saturday, September 16, 2023

                     THE d’ESTOUTEVILLE LINE (update)

 I am pleased to announce that the d’Estoutville line has a new member as of 16 September 2023. Today Dom Roberto Fornaciari, O.S.B.Cam., was ordained Bishop of Tempio-Ampurias in Sardinia by Archbishop Bernard-Nicolas Aubertin, O.Cist., Archbishop emeritus of Tours, France. He is now the fortieth living member of this venerable line.

 His episcopal ordination took place in front of the Church of San Michele Arcangelo in Olbia, a port and airport town in the Diocese of Tempio-Ampurias. Archbishop Aubertin was assisted by the two principal co-ordaining bishops: Archbishop Gian Franco Saba, Metropolitan Archbishop of Sassari, and Bishop Sebastiano Sanguinetti, Bishop emeritus of Tempio-Ampurias.

 Among the other co-ordaining and concelebrating bishops were Arrigo Cardinal Miglio, Apostolic Administrator of Iglesias, sede vacante, and Bishop Mario del Valle Moronta Rodríguez, Bishop of San Cristóbal de Venezuela.

 The other members of the d’Estouteville line can be found in the post of 13 July 2023.