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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Thank you – Molte grazie

I wish to take the opportunity to thank Father Roberto Fornaciari, O.S.B., distinguished ecclesiastical historian, author, and researcher, and Doctor Isabella Farinelli, esteemed Archivist of the Archdiocese of Perugia-Città della Pieve and distinguished author, for their assistance in bringing to light the details of the episcopal ordination of Giulio Cardinal Boschi (1838-1920), successively Bishop of Todi and of Senigallia, Archbishop of Ferrara, and Bishop of the suburbicarian Diocese of Frascati.

I mentioned to Father Fornaciari my until then fruitless search for the full details of the episcopal ordination of this cardinal.  Knowing that Cardinal Boschi was a native of Perugia, he contacted Dr. Farinelli and she found a complete account of the ceremony in the June 16, 1888 issue of the weekly newspaper Il Paese.

I am extremely grateful to Father Fornaciari and Dr. Farinelli for their kind and thoughtful assistance and for taking the time out of their busy schedules to assist me. 

For the record, here are the details of Cardinal Boschi’s episcopal ordination:

1888, 11 June, at Rome, in the Church of Santissima Trinità a Montecitorio

Carlo Cardinal Laurenzi
assisted by Federico Pietro Foschi, Archbishop of Perugia
and Francesco Trotta, Bishop of Teramo
ordained Giulio Boschi, Bishop of Todi.

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