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The Episcopal Lineage of Pope Pius VII

Gregorio Barnaba Chiaramonti, O.S.B., the future Pope Pius VII, Bishop of Tivoli. Ordained bishop 21 December 1782 at Rome, in the Church of San Ambrogio, by Francesco Saverio Cardinal de Zelada, assisted by Giuseppe Maria Contesini, Titular Archbishop of Athens, and Girolamo Volpi, Titular Archbishop of Neocaesarea in Ponto.

Francesco Saverio de Zelada, Titular Archbishop of Petra in Palaestina. Ordained bishop 28 December 1766 at Rome, in the Quirinal, by His Holiness Pope Clement XIII, assisted by Scipiione Borghese, Titular Archbishop of Theodosia, and Ignazio Reali, Titular Archbishop of Athens.

For the continuation of this lineage, plese see the lineage of Pope Francis.