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The Episcopal Lineage of Pope Gregory XVI

Mauro Cappellari, O.S.B.Cam., Pope Gregory XVI. Ordained bishop 6 February 1831 in Rome, Saint Peter’s Basilica, by Bartolomeo Cardinal Pacca, Bishop of Ostia e Velletri, assisted by Pier Francesco Cardinal Galleffi, Bishop of Porto e Santa Rufina, and Tommaso Cardinal Arezzo, Bishop of Sabina.

Bartolomeo Pacca, Titular Archbishop of Tamiathis. Ordained bishop 17 April 1786 in Rome, in the Church of SS. Trinit√† a Montecitorio (no longer in existence, it is now the Italian Parliament building), by Giovanni Carlo Cardinal Boschi, assisted by Rudolf von Edling, Archbishop of Gorizia, and Ottavio Boni, Titular Archbishop of Nazianzus.

Giovanni Carlo Boschi, Titular Archbishop of Athens. Ordained bishop 5 October 1760 at Castel Gandolfo by His Holiness Pope Clement XIII, assisted by Lodovico Calini, Titular Patriarch of Antioch, and Giovanni Ottavio Bufalini, Titular Archbishop of Chalcedon.

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