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The Episcopal Lineage of Pope Alexander VIII

Pietro Vito Ottoboni, Cardinal and Bishop of Brescia, the future Pope Alexander VIII. Ordained bishop 27 December 1654 at Rome, in the Church of Saint Mark, by Marcantonio Cardinal Bragadin, Bishop of Vicenza, assisted by Girolamo Farnese, Titular Archbishop of Patrae, and Giulio Rospigliosi, Titular Archbishop of Tarsus.

updated 28 October 2016 with the names of the co-consecrators of the future Pope Alexander VIII.
source: Biblioteca Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei e Corsiniana. Ms Corsini 36.C.1. c.3r

Marcantonio Bragadin, Bishop of Crema. Ordained bishop 21 December 1629 at Rome, in the Sistine Chapel, by Antonio Cardinal Barberini, the elder, O.F.M.Cap., assisted by Luca Castellani, Bishop of Catanzaro, and Francesco Passionei, Bishop of Cagli.

For the continuation of this lineage, please see the lineage of Pope Clement VIII.