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The Episcopal Lineage of Pope Innocent XII

Antonio Pignatelli del Rastrello, Titular Archbishop of Larissa in Thessalia, Apostolic Nuncio in Tuscany, the future Pope Innocent XII. Ordained bishop 27 October 1652 in the Church of Saint Ignatius, Rome, by Marcantonio Cardinal Franciotti, assisted by …, Bishop of …, and …, Bishop of ….

Marcantonio Franciotti, Cardinal and Bishop of Lucca. Ordained bishop 19 April 1637 in Rome, in the Quirinal, by Antonio Cardinal Barberini, the elder, O.F.M.Cap., assisted by Fausto Poli, Titular Archbishop of Amasea, and Antonio Severoli, Archbishop of Ragusa.

For the continuation of this lineage, please see the lineage of Pope Clement VIII.