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The Episcopal Lineage of Pope Saint John Paul II and of Pope Leo XII

KAROL JÓZEF WOJTYLA, the future Pope Saint John Paul II, Titular Bishop of Ombi and Auxiliary Bishop of Kraków. Ordained bishop 28 September 1958 in the Metropolitan Cathedral, Kraków, Poland by Eugeniusz Baziak, Archbishop of Lwów.of the Latins and Apostolic Administrator of Kraków, assisted by Boleslaw Kominek, Titular Archbishop of Euchaita, and Franciszek Jop, Titiular Bishop of Daulia.

EUGENIUSZ BAZIAK, Titular Bishop of Phocea and Auxiliary Bishop of Lwów of the Latins. Ordained bishop 5 November 1933 in the Metropolitan Cathedral, Lwów, by Boleslaw Twardowski, Archbishop of Lwów of the Latins, assisted by Franciszek Lisowski, Bishop of Tarnów, and Edward Komar, Titular Bishop of Alinda and Auxiliary Bishop of Tarnów.

BOLESLAW TWARDOWSKI, Titular Bishop of Telmissus and Auxiliary of Lwów of the Latins. Ordained bishop 12 January 1919 in the Metropolitan Cathedral, Lwów, by Saint Józef Bilczewski, Archbishop of Lwów of the Latins, assisted by Leo Walega, Bishop of Tarnów, and Karol Józef Fischer, Titular Bishop of Mallus and Auxiliary of Przemysl of the Latins.

Saint JÓZEF BILCZEWSKI, Archbishop of Lwów of the Latins. Ordained bishop 20 January 1901 in the Metropolitan Cathedral, Lwów, by Jan Maurycy Pawel Puzyna de Kozielsko, Bishop of Kraków, assisted by Andrij Szeptyckyj, Archbishop of Lviv of the Ukrainians, and Saint Józef Pelczar, Bishop of Przemysl of the Latins.

JAN MAURYCY PAWEL PUZYNA de KOZIELSKO, Titular Bishop of Memphis and Auxiliary of Lwów of the Latins. Ordained bishop 25 March 1886 in the Church of San Giovanni Canzio, Rome, by Mieczyslaw Cardinal Ledochowski, assisted by Josyf Sembratovyc, Titular Archbishop of Theodosiopolis, and Frantiszek Schönborn, Archbishop of Praha.

MIECZYSLAW LEDOCHOWSKI, Titular Archbishop of Thebes and Apostolic Nuncio to Belgium. Ordained bishop 3 November 1861 in the Church of Santissima Trinità a Montecitorio, Rome, by Camillo Cardinal di Pietro, assisted by Salvatore Nobili Vitellechi, Titular Archbishop of Seleucia in Isauria, and Alessandro Franchi, Titular Archbishop of Thessalonica.

CAMILLO di PIETRO, Titular Archbishop of Bairut. Ordained bishop 14 July 1839 in the Church of Saints Dominic and Sixtus, Rome, by Chiarissimo Cardinal Falconieri Mellini, Archbishop of Ravenna, assisted by Ignazio Giovanni Cadolini, Titular Archbishop of Edessa in Osrhoëne, and Fabio Maria Asquini, Titular Archbishop of Tarsus.

CHIARISSIMO FALCONIERI MELLINI, Archbishop of Ravenna. Ordained bishop 15 August 1826 in the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli, Rome, by His Holiness Pope Leo XII, assisted by Filippo Filonardi, Archbishop of Ferrara, and Giuseppe Perugini, O.S.A., Titular Bishop of Porphyreon.

ANNIBALE SERMATTEI DELLA GENGA, the future Pope Leo XII, Titular Archbishop of Tyrus. Ordained bishop 24 February 1794 in the Cathedral, Frascati, by Henry Benedict Mary Clement Cardinal Stuart, Duke of York, Bishop of Frascati, assisted by Antonio Felice Zondadari, Titular Archbishop of Adana, and Ottavio Boni, Titular Archbishop of Nazianzus.

HENRY BENEDICT MARY CLEMENT STUART, Duke of York, Cardinal, Titular Archbishop of Corinth. Ordained bishop 19 November 1758 in the Basilica of the Twelve Holy Apostles, Rome, by His Holiness Pope Clement XIII, assisted by Giovanni Antonio Cardinal Guadagni, Bishop of Porto e Santa Rufina, and Francesco Cardinal Borghese, Bishop of Albano. 

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