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The Episcopal Lineage of Pope Marcellus II & Pope Paul IV

Marcello Cervini, Pope Marcellus II. Ordained bishop 10 April 1555 at Rome, in the Pauline Chapel of the Vatican, by Gianpietro Cardinal Carafa, Bishop of Ostia e Velletri, Dean of the Sacred College of Cardinals, assisted by Jean Cardinal Du Bellay, Bishop of Porto, and Tommaso Cardinal Pio, Bishop of Frascati.

Gianpietro Carafa, the future Pope Paul IV, Bishop of Chieti. Ordained bishop 18 September 1506 at Rome, probably by his uncle, Oliviero Cardinal Carafa, former Archbishop of Napoli, assisted by …, Bishop of …, and …, Bishop of ….

Oliviero Carafa, Archbishop of Napoli. Ordained bishop 29 December 1458 at Torre del Greco by Leone de Simone, Bishop of Nola, assisted by Leone Cortese, Bishop of Acerra, and Benedetto, Bishop of Dragonara.

Leone de Simone, Bishop of Nola.  Elected 23 March 1442. No information concerning his episcopal ordination has yet been discovered.