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The Episcopal Lineage of Pope Leo XIII

VINCENZO GIOACCHINO RAFFAELE LUIGI PECCI, Titular Archbishop of Tamiathis and Apostolic Nuncio to Belgium, the future Pope Leo XIII.  Ordained bishop 19 February 1843 at Rome, in the Church of San Lorenzo in Panisperna, by Luigi Emmanuele Nicolo Cardinal Lambruschini, C.R.S.P., Secretary of State of His Holiness, assisted by Fabio Maria Asquini, Titular Archbishop of Tarsus, and Giiuseppe Maria Castellani, O.S.A., Titular Bishop of Porphyreon and Papal Sacristan.

LUIGI EMMANUELE NICOLO LAMBRUSCHINI, C.S.R.P., Archbishop of Genova. Ordained bishop 3 October 1819 at Rome, in the Church of San Carlo ai Catinari, by Giuliio Maria Cardinal Della Somaglia, assisted by Francesco Bertazzoli, Titular Archbishop of Edessa in Osrhoƫne, and Gianfranco Guerrieri, Archbishop-Bishop of Rimini.

For the continuation of this lineage, please see the lineage of Pope Paul VI.