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The Episcopal Lineage of Pope John Paul I & Pope Saint John XXIII

Albino Luciani, Bishop of Vittorio Veneto, the future Pope John Paul I. Ordained bishop 27 December 1958 in Saint Peter`s Basilica, Vatican City, by His Holiness Pope Saint John XXIII, assisted by Girolamo Bartolomeo Bortignon, O.F.M.Cap., Bishop of Padova, and Gioacchino Muccin, Bishop of Feltre e Belluno.

Saint Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, the future Pope Saint John XXIII, Titular Archbishop of Areopolis and Apostolic Visitor to Bulgaria. Ordained bishop 19 March 1923 in the Church of San Carlo al Corso, Rome, by Giovanni Cardinal Tacci, Secretary of the Sacred Congregation for Eastern Churches, assisted by Giuseppe Palica, Titular Archbishop of Philippi and Vicegerent of Rome, and Francesco Marchetti Selvaggiani, Titular Archbishop of Seleucia in Isauria and Secretary of the Sacred Congregation de Propaganda Fide.

Giovanni Tacci, Bishop of Città della Pieve. Ordained bishop 5 May 1895 in the Cathedral, Fermo, Italy, by Amilcare Cardinal Malagola, Archbishop of Fermo, assisted by Luigi Bonetti, Bishop of Montalto, and Roberto Papiri, Bishop of Macerata e Tolentino.

Amilcare Malagola, Bishop of Ascoli Piceno. Ordained bishop 9 July 1876 in the Cathedral, Fermo, by Filippo Cardinal De Angelis, Archbishop of Fermo, assisted by Vincenzo Moretti, Archbishop of Ravenna, by Concetto Focacetti, Bishop of Montefiascone, and Tommaso Gallucci, Bishop of Recanati e Loreto.

Filippo de Angelis, Titular Bishop of Leuce, Apostolic Visitor in Forli, Italy. Ordained bishop 23 July 1826 in the Church of SS. Trinità a Montecitorio (no longer a church, it is the actual parliament building), by Pier Francesco Cardinal Galleffi, Bishop of Albano, assisted by Giuseppe Della Porta Rodiani, Titular Patriarch of Constantinople and Vicegerent of Rome, and Giovanni Giacomo Sinibaldi, Titular Archbishop of Damiata.

For the continuation of this lineage, please see the lineage of Pope Francis.

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